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BETA test "Business As a Christian" with Melodie Narain-Blackwell, Entrepreneur and Purpose Catalyst.

BAC (Business as a Christian) is a Mastermind Course that centers the entrepreneur/business owner around the principles of business that a Christian should embody, as well as reconceptualizing Christ as the CEO (of both life and business).


It’s going to be an informative and exciting ride! God has something especially for you!

Your course will include 2 live modules, course worksheets, and a 1:1 conversation with Melodie Narain-Blackwell. During your 1:1, Melodie will take you through your completed course docs to strategize and advise you on your next steps for your business/goals.


In preparation for this course, we would like for you to complete the below questionnaire, and return your answers by November 14th. Please complete this questionnaire to the best of your ability—there are no ‘wrong answers.’ This will allow Melodie to complete her pre-course analysis and provide a comprehensive strategy for you during your 1:1.

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