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Hi, I'm Melodie!

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For years, I would launch businesses and help others get their businesses in order. I always knew that running my own company was my destiny. It made all the sense in the world to me. But, for many years, I just couldn't get passed the side hustle phase. 

The short list:

  • Fashion Stylist

  • Clothing Boutique

  • Virtual Assistant 

  • Event Planner

  • Bridal Shop

  • Testing Center

  • Luxury Concierge Service


Ha....this is my short list (ask my Mom).


The truth is, many of these businesses that I launched were not fruitful enough to prosper because I never gave them the foundation that they deserved/needed. They served their purpose and taught me about relationships (with people, with money, and with opportunity) and that the same principles I used in life were to be applied to my business. 

How this entrepreneurship thing started...

A native Washingtonian, I was raised in an untraditional household. My mom, a single mom, was the example of love and sacrifice. She exposed me to business very early, but I don't think she knew what she was doing. My sister's father owned a deli; I was about 5 years old at that time, and my mom would let me make the snowcones for the customers. You couldn't tell me anything, I pretty much thought I owned the place and I would mix all kinds of flavors. I was something like a snowcone mixologist.


On the other side of town, my paternal grandmother owned a laundromat. My father's family were immigrants, and no one was exempt from hard work. I would go visit Grandma Narain often; she would put an apron on me, give me coins and then give me cash so that I could make change for the customers. I was the modern day change machine. The customers loved it. She would point them to me when they approached her, and they would bend down to me to get their change, all while smiling and making sure that I didn't mess up their money. 


Without a doubt, business was in my blood.

Motivational Speaker

& Crohn's Warrior

I am a serial entrepreneur who has been building businesses for 10+ years, and just recently built a 6 figure business (while battling illness) in less than 9 months. I use Biblical principles to build businesses and teach entrepreneurs to do the same.


more than that...


I am a mother to my awesome children (Zaden + Zarie), and wife to an amazing husband (Ronald). Outside of my family, I am passionate about 3 things - Christ, Chronic Illness and Business. 

In August 2018, I was laid off from my full time job after returning from emergency surgery (the first of 3 surgeries in less than a year). I knew clearly that I was free to operate in my destiny full time. I was so convinced that I told my former boss, with a smile, that God would take care of me. No fear. No doubt. No uncertainty. And guess what, he did just that!


What did I do with my newly found freedom?


  • I was able to work on my physically healing

  • I began to operate a business that God lead me to (6 figures in revenue)

  • I worked on my brands (our shoes are now in Hard Rock Hotel, I have ongoing business with General Motors, we are branching into another space)

  • I mentored numerous business owners

  • I mentored several young adults

  • I began to advocate for the Chronically Ill

  • I had my own time 

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